Instructor :: Alireza Atarrezaei Sensei

About Alireza Atarrezaei Sensei
The History of Yoshinkan Iran 

Chief Instructor, Yoshinkan Aikido Iran 
He has started learning various styles of Aikido since 1994, he later found Yoshinkan Aikido the most suitable. In December 2007, Alireza Sensei went to Malaysia and began studying Yoshinkan Aikido under the tutelage of Ramlan Ahmed Sensei and also attended the Yoshinkan Aikido Seminar which was conducted by Joe Thambu Shihan.

Soon after he returned from Malaysia, Alireza opened his own dojo with the intention to practice Yoshinkan Aikido and also to spread and share the philosophies of Aikido.
In October 2009, Alireza Sensei went to Malaysia for intensive training with Ramlan Ahmed Sensei, and attended the 3rd Aikido Shudokan International Gasshuku 2009. 
During that event, Alireza Sensei was graded to Shodan by Joe Thambu Shihan, Jon Marshall Sensei and Ramlan Ahmed Sensei.

In October 2010, the 1st Aikido Yoshinkan was carried on with Joe Thanbu Shihan, Ramlan Ahmed Sensei and David Dangerfield Sensei.

In 2011, Teppei Yanagihara Sensei travelled to Iran and Alireza Atarrezaei passed the rank of 3rd Dan under Shioda Kancho's supervision.

Aikido Yoshinkan Iran now operates under the supervision of Chino Shihan.

A special thanks to all Sensei’s for their helped and guide through this carrier.

Sensei Alireza Atarrezaei is now officially licensed to give Shodan grades.